5 simple DIY projects and home decoration ideas in just one day

Are you tired of that boring theme of your bedroom or some other room of the house as it makes you need some home decoration ideas as soon as possible?  

Do you wish to change the feel of it but you are scared to spend a lot or to hire a décor advisor?

There is no need to worry as here in this article you are going to find all that you wish to do and learn about the decoration of your home.

Here we have gathered the top tips and ideas to help you give the entire room a makeover so that it won’t look anything like it was before. A little creativity and DIY stuff in hand and you could do wonders that you had never imagined. Without further fuss, let us take you to your home decoration ideas.


  • Add colors to bring life


Go for the bright and contrasting colors against the wall paints or the wallpapers and the room would become something totally new. For example if you have a wallpaper pasted in black and white, complementing it with bright red or yellow color would bring life to the room. You could use some old piece of fabric to make curtain ties, use red roses in vase in one corner, a red drape over your black and white bed sheet and a bright red DIY jute coach.


See, it’s easy, all you need to be is to get creative.



  • A statement tablecloth could revive the dining room


Something as simple as a table cloth could change the entire feel of the dining room, making it more alive and more attractive. Depending upon the theme of your dining area, you could choose a table cloth somewhat in contrast to the furniture so it would stand out rather than just blending with the rest.


You never know what wonders a simple piece of cloth could do.



  • Try some classic wallpapers


Wallpapers, if chosen wisely and esthetically could give a whole new feel to the room. All you have to do is to choose a wallpaper that could bring emphasis to the wall it would be pasted to. Remember the lighting of the room greatly influences the visibility and beauty of the wallpaper. Make sure to select the appropriate one that would go best with the lights and fabrics.



  • Brightening the niches


Niches could create a big impression if they are esthetically decorated. You are lucky if you have some niches in the house. To bring life to the room, brighten up the niche, paint it in some bright color and pic very delicate ornament to place at it. Then add a small spot light to create an ambience to attract the eyes. This would be something mind blowing to be added to your room.



  • Make use of rugs and runners


Rugs and runners have been long in use to create and impression and to completely change the theme of the rooms. Try some runner or rug according to the size of the area you need to give a makeover to and then increase the effect by choosing the matching shades for the lamps and cushions placed in the surroundings. The effect would be tremendous and would gain you much appreciation for your taste.


You must have noticed that all these tips are simple to apply, yet they create an effect that brings a whole new life to the room. These tips are easy and handy and are also light to your pocket. So go ahead and give your home a new feel, a new look.