Top DIY home decoration projects with jute!

Jute is something that can add elegance and style to your rooms and decoration without much ado. Since jute is a very inexpensive material used for decoration it’s often overlooked when it comes to the DIY home decoration projects. The soft texture and elegant color of jute can complement any other color you pick and it would add a signature style to any room or any place that you add it to.

There are hundreds of ways that we can make use of the jute to decorate home. These are rather simple DIY projects that anyone could do. Often the other tools you need are a pair of scissors, a strong adhesive and some item to cover with jute. Let us have a look at some basic yet cool DIY projects with jute.

  • Lamps add a very aesthetic and classy feel to which ever room or lobby they are added to. You can give your lamp shade a makeover by vertically wrapping the jute wire all across it. It will look something more than elegant. You just have to try.

Other than wrapping it vertically, you can wrap it horizontally as well. It too gives a very nice feel to the lamp shade.

You could also go sectioning the lamp shade by choosing the upper and lower parts and pasting the jute chord across those parts.

Last but not the least, you could wrap the lamp itself with the jute cord. The lamp shade could go fine by itself.


  • A very creative and useful DIY home decoration projects is to wrap the tin containers with the jute cord and use them to organize your cluttered closets or cabinets. You could place any items like the stationery items, toys, spoons etc. that need separate containers to be held in.


  • Using the jute net to cover the bottles or left out jars could too create an amazing effect. These are generally used as planter pots or you could use some marbles etc. to fill the bottles and create a dramatic effect.


  • Frames are a decoration that is loved by everyone and they do give a lovely feel to your lobbies. You could consider making a frame out of jute to give it a whole new feel. There are literally tens of ways for creating and recreating the frames and to make them ever more special.


  • Jute is best used to create the fillers for the vases or to create some special effect light balls out of it. All you have to do is to blow a small balloon and wrap the adhesive coated jute cord over it while leaving pockets in between. Once the balls have dried out, burst the balloon and pull it out. You will have a lovely airy jute ball ready in your hand.


  • Crocheted motifs or the tiny mats made out of jute is something very classy and very trendy that gives a sober feel to the tables they are added to.


Try any of these and tell us how much appreciation you earned in return!

How to get your custom closets fully organized and clean all the time!

Closets and wardrobes are your means of saving each and everything, wanted or unwanted, new or old, anything and everything that you either wish to keep safe or out of sight is found in these closets. Since there is too much to be placed in the closets, it is essential to keep them clean and organized.


Keeping a closet clean and organized is something that does look near impossible.

No matter how much you try to clean it, one day it would be a miracle of cleanliness but the other day it would look as if a bomb was just dropped inside that flew everything off its place and knocked off all the organization.

Having a closet that is clean and organized is a dream and visual treat. But how to have such a closet?

A simple answer to this question is to choose a custom closets, something that would be made according to your demand and possessions. At the Coastal Closets, we offer you full liberty to choose the closet that you like and that has the section and shelves just the way you want them.

Every person has different style and has different needs. For the people who love to have clothes and shoes, their wardrobes are meant to be designed in such a way that would maximize the space for these two. While for some people, they like to have a number of drawers and cabinets inside the closet so they could place each and everything separately.

When you visit us at the Coastal Closets, you will find that everything you ever thought of about having a closet is no more a dream, whatever you want could be delivered to you in just a matter of days. All you are asked to do is to tell our expert custom closet designers that what you wish to have, they will draw the proposals for you and will guide you for the suitable stuff as well.

Whatever the medium is for your custom closets and whichever color, design and paint you want, you will be provided that here at the Coastal Closets. We are providing our closet services to the people of the eastern shore of Maryland, Delaware and all Shore Points since years and out top notch work and finish is something that makes us different from other closet designers in the area.

Steps to plan your walk in closets

There are not many lucky people who have got the sufficient space for the walk in closets to be made with their bedrooms. If you are one of those super lucky fellows, you might find the task of designing and planning on getting this walk in closet a little frustrating.

But there is no need to worry as the Coastal Closet designs is here to help you with you startup. We have gathered few best and practical tips from our expert professionals that would both prove functional and would help make your closet look beautiful.

Let us have a look at the steps that would help you plan the closet and make it as you wish it to be.

  1. When you design walk in closets, make sure that you design to maximize functionality. Each and everything should be in your access with ease so you do not have to rummage through drawers and baskets many times. Making use of multiple drawers and shelves would prove helpful in it. You could place multiple rods for hangers and use several shelves below as well to place shoes etc.
  2. To maximize space in the closet, you can place shelves above the rods so you could place hand bags and other folded items. To increase the open space feel for the walk in closets, place the rods and hangers near the door so the rest of the space looks wide open on seeing at first glance.
  3. Store the items according to their account of use. Put the seldom used item in the upper shelves so you do not have to reach the top shelves again and again for everyday use items. You can put the seasonal clothes and some very formal ones on the upper shelves.
  4. Make a small island area in between the whole space and add feel to it by placing some aesthetically designed cushions and foot stools so you do not have to kill yourself of tire while standing and thinking what to wear.
  5. Use little hooks to hang the objects like hand bags and scarves. They will add beauty and space to the closet.

Keeping these steps in mind, you can build a walk in custom closet of your dreams with the expert advice from the professionals at the Coastal Closet designs company, the most renowned name for closets in Delaware.

5 simple DIY projects and home decoration ideas in just one day

Are you tired of that boring theme of your bedroom or some other room of the house as it makes you need some home decoration ideas as soon as possible?  

Do you wish to change the feel of it but you are scared to spend a lot or to hire a décor advisor?

There is no need to worry as here in this article you are going to find all that you wish to do and learn about the decoration of your home.

Here we have gathered the top tips and ideas to help you give the entire room a makeover so that it won’t look anything like it was before. A little creativity and DIY stuff in hand and you could do wonders that you had never imagined. Without further fuss, let us take you to your home decoration ideas.


  • Add colors to bring life


Go for the bright and contrasting colors against the wall paints or the wallpapers and the room would become something totally new. For example if you have a wallpaper pasted in black and white, complementing it with bright red or yellow color would bring life to the room. You could use some old piece of fabric to make curtain ties, use red roses in vase in one corner, a red drape over your black and white bed sheet and a bright red DIY jute coach.


See, it’s easy, all you need to be is to get creative.



  • A statement tablecloth could revive the dining room


Something as simple as a table cloth could change the entire feel of the dining room, making it more alive and more attractive. Depending upon the theme of your dining area, you could choose a table cloth somewhat in contrast to the furniture so it would stand out rather than just blending with the rest.


You never know what wonders a simple piece of cloth could do.



  • Try some classic wallpapers


Wallpapers, if chosen wisely and esthetically could give a whole new feel to the room. All you have to do is to choose a wallpaper that could bring emphasis to the wall it would be pasted to. Remember the lighting of the room greatly influences the visibility and beauty of the wallpaper. Make sure to select the appropriate one that would go best with the lights and fabrics.



  • Brightening the niches


Niches could create a big impression if they are esthetically decorated. You are lucky if you have some niches in the house. To bring life to the room, brighten up the niche, paint it in some bright color and pic very delicate ornament to place at it. Then add a small spot light to create an ambience to attract the eyes. This would be something mind blowing to be added to your room.



  • Make use of rugs and runners


Rugs and runners have been long in use to create and impression and to completely change the theme of the rooms. Try some runner or rug according to the size of the area you need to give a makeover to and then increase the effect by choosing the matching shades for the lamps and cushions placed in the surroundings. The effect would be tremendous and would gain you much appreciation for your taste.


You must have noticed that all these tips are simple to apply, yet they create an effect that brings a whole new life to the room. These tips are easy and handy and are also light to your pocket. So go ahead and give your home a new feel, a new look.

No cost home decorating ideas

Do you need to refresh your home? Changing the look of your home with what you can be as inspiring as buying something new. When you want to make changes in your home, check out what you can do with what you have before you go shopping. It is not about what you use to make the décor stand out but how you use it. When you need a style boost in your home, but you lack the funds to spend on some décor items, you need not worry. We have tips on how you can change the style of your home without getting into your bank account. Here are some cost fewer ideas for decorating your home.

Reuse glass jars for flowers

Beautify small glass jars with colorful washi tape and fill the glasses with flowers. Line up three or more glass jars down the middle of your dining table for a comfortable and casual centerpiece.

Hang plates

Plates can be an attractive alternative for framed artwork. Hang spare plates on the wall using sleek hangers that adhere to the back of the plates, and they should be invisible. You can check out the layout you like most by placing the plates on different points of the ground and wall.

Frame it

A picture frame does not necessarily mean that you need to put a beautiful art in it. You can fill the frames with postcards, magazine pages, old calendar prints and decorative scarves for wall decoration. You can also get free printable photos and art from public libraries in the public domain.

Use nature

Fresh and simple continues to be the ideal aesthetic even with the transition of decorating ideas into modern styles. Get into your yard and transmute tree stumps and branches, ornamental glasses and fresh flowers into wreaths. You can also combine furniture in gray and white washed or natural wood tones.

Hang artwork on your shelves

It is as simple as it seems, but it can make a room feel more appealing in an instant. It is one of the favorite styles for decorators. You can still access the books in the shelve even after hanging the artwork on the shelve. Don’t fear to try this out and you will be amazed at the outcome. Reuse old fabric and clothes. Additionally, you can choose to color code your bookshelves to give it a new look.

Repurpose old clothes, towels, and other discarded fabric by sewing them into pillows or floor covering. You will be able to add unique textures and patterns in your home whenever you need a color change without having to spend your money.